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 Joining SoH Application

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The Vibrator

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PostSubject: Joining SoH Application   Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:11 am

In-game Name:
Current Clans:
Past Clans:
How long have you been playing?:
Alien/Human Preference:
Will you abuse?:
Will you follow our rules?:

NOTE: IF YOU PUT UP YOUR APP, THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE IN SoH. If your app is accepted, then you may put on your tag.

Sample App:
In-game Name: Vibe
Current Clans: SoH, KoR
Past Clans: MW, FoA
How long have you been playing?: 2 years
Alien/Human Preference: Aliens
Will you abuse?: No
Will you follow our rules?: Yes
Sponsor: G'ster
Comments: I hope I get in
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Joining SoH Application
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