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 Look here before posting abuse reports!

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PostSubject: Look here before posting abuse reports!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:52 am

This is the "Crabs guide to abuse" in Members+, if before reporting abuse on someone, check to see if they DID in fact abuse, this guide will help you in your quest for reporting abuse.

What is abuse you ask? Well, put simply, its the use of admin commands when their use is not necessary.

Now, there are two different kinds of abuse: there is "fun" abuse and "serious" abuse.

"Fun" Abuse
Here are the commands that can be considered "fun" abuse under certain circumstances:
!slap, !drug, !detonate (a personal favorite), !print, !kill, !allowoverride and !warn

These commands should NEVER be abused under most circumstances. However, on occasion, they can add some much needed humor to the game. Before attempting to use any of these commands in a "fun" way, a quick poll should be called to see what the other players think. If it passes with at least 75% approval, you may do what you asked in the poll and NOTHING ELSE. Another occasion where it would be "OK" to abuse would be if it is only SoH members on the server, and no one is playing a serious game. In order to be certain no serious game is going on, calling a quick poll can never hurt.

"Serious" Abuse
Before going into any details, i want something to be perfectly clear: !revert SHOULD NEVER BE USED UNLESS A DECON TAKES PLACE! NO EXCEPTIONS! EVEN IN A "FUN" GAME, ABUSING !revert IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE! Put simply, don't use !revert unless it is absolutely necessary (just like all the other commands for the most part).

Now, any abuse during a scrim is serious abuse, no exceptions. Altering build points, kicking players, banning players and altering game settings is serious abuse in any situation unless a poll is called or a serious offense is committed.

Serious abuse will be dealt with SEVERELY. For mild to "fun" abuse, the situation will determine the severity of punishment, if there is any punishment needed.

On a related topic, here is a hierarchy of proper admin command use for a few common situations.

Excessive battlegrangering - warn, warn, kick
Glitching - warn, kick or ban for 30days
Advertising - warn, warn, ban for 30days
Impersonation: warn, ban (one week-30 days), permaban (if problem persists after one week ban expires)
Bleeding/TKing: warn, kick or ban (one week)
Excessive TKing (5 or more tk's within a short amount of time): kick or ban (30 days), permanban (if problem persists)
Flaming: warn, mute, kick
Malicious language/ malicious racism: warn, mute, kick or ban (30 days)
Aimbotting/Wallhacking (must have demo): ban (30 days), permaban (if caught a second time)
Decon of Spawns or Reactor/OM in order to negatively affect the team:
Noob decon: pause, revert, warn, denybuild
intentional malicious decon: pause, revert, ban (30 days)

Each moderator is trusted to use their best judgment in using their commands, and this guide could be interpreted in many ways. But hopefully this will act as an outline for successful moderation of our server.

The bottom line is don't use your commands unless you have to. You'll never get in trouble if you only use commands when necessary. If you have moderation privileges, that means that the SoH Admins and Gmods trust you. Don't betray that trust.

This is the "Crabs guide to abuse" in Members+, if before reporting abuse on someone, check to see if they DID in fact abuse, this guide will help you in your quest for reporting abuse.
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Look here before posting abuse reports!
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