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 Application/Scrim Team Rules

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Tremulous Global Moderator
Tremulous Global Moderator

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PostSubject: Application/Scrim Team Rules   Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:53 am

1. Use the Official Scrim Team Application Format to make an application.
2. The applicant scrim must consist of at least 2 people per team. One team must consist of scrim members with a captain supervising or scrimming with them, while the other has to be made up with other scrim team applicants. The scrim will be a normal scrim with both sides have the chance to play both sides.
3. It does not matter who wins either of the scrims, but of the decision made by the scrim team members/captain after viewing the applicants scrim.
4. Any misorderly conduct or a violation of rules may give us the right to decrease you in rank, or even kick you from the scrim team.

If you have any questions/complaints/comments, please PM Moo'n or any other scrim team member.

Thank you, and Goodluck =]
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Application/Scrim Team Rules
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